By johannabrault, Aug 18 2016 11:23AM

I am glad to work with pianist Joakim Lari for a full new programm of Lieder.

We chose the theme of the "Bestiarium" and we will present german and french music with Ravel, Poulenc, Brahms, Schubert, Mahler, Weill.

Joakim Lari studied Liedgestaltung at the Hochschule für Music Karlsruhe with Hartmut Höll and Mitsuko Shirai.

By johannabrault, Apr 29 2016 10:41PM

we had recently still some snow this end of April in Germany...so let's go to the south for two concerts dedicated to two living composers :

the italian Giovanni Bertelli and the argentinian Martin Palmeri.

I had the pleasure to work together with Giovanni Bertelli for the first time after we met at the Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique de Paris in 2009. It's been a highly interesting and powerful experience to be at the heart of the creative process and to have the chance to perform with great musicians such as the Ensemble Court-circuit, the Divertimento Ensemble or the Ensemble of the Cnsmdp.

I am looking forward to being back in Milan with the Divertimento Ensemble and maestro Sandro Gorli. We will perform two of the three pieces Giovanni Bertelli composed for mezzo-soprano and instrumental ensemble : Amare, madre (2009) and Lorem Ipsum (2012).

CONCERT # 9 MAY 2016 ** 21:00 ** TEATRO LITTA ** MILANO

The second concert will lead me to my native country, more precisely, to the town where I got my first music education : back to where everything began, but this time as a professional musician !

I will sing the MISATANGO of Martin Palmeri, a "non-traditional" mass with tango rhythms and accents.

CONCERT # 20 MAY 2016 ** 21:00 ** PALAIS DES CONGRÈS ** AGEN


Of course, the other "half" of me is staying in Germany :

we are preparing a colorful and creative new summer production with the Theater Plauen-Zwickau :


We will play at the Burg Schönfels in open air in June and I will go back to "pants" roles, interpreting the gentleman : Ernesto !

Zwickau will also be even more "Schumann-city" than usual, because the famous Liedduo and Piano Schumann Competition is taking place there soon.

Here also, work in progress, alongside with some of the greatest pages of the german culture.

By johannabrault, Apr 14 2016 11:57AM

three different operas I had the pleasure to be part of in 2015/16:

Carmen - Luisa Miller - Barbe-Bleue

Each time on stage with my colleague, the tenor Jason Kim, also a singer in the ensemble of the Theater Plauen-Zwickau.

Note some parallels !

By guest, Apr 14 2016 08:00AM

On this blog will appear all events to come in the everyday rhythm !

Feel free to comment and/or share this blog and news events.

So I'll start with this ! Tomorrow back again on stage with my beloved role "Boulotte" in Offenbach's Barbe-Bleue !

TOMORROW +++Gewandhaus Zwickau, RITTER BLAUBART at 19:30+++

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